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Hello and welcome to Premier Championship Wrestling Federation which is a E-fed for the WWE 2K game series
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 Match Rules

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PostSubject: Match Rules   Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:12 pm


1. NO FREEZING - no glitches of any sort will be tolerated.

2. NO SPAMMING - constantly repeating the same move or tactic on your opponent, which prevents them from fighting back or reversing. This rule may be hard to follow with Superstars who have limited move-sets, but do your best). Also, do not taunt non-stop to build an instant finisher.

3. No pinning until you hit a Signature or Finisher move - If neither a signature, finisher, leverage pin YOU WILL BE DQ’D.

4. Pinning in Triple Threat and Fatal-Four matches: see rule 3. (Yes, in these matches you CAN pin off someone elses finisher or signature)

5. ALL TAG Matches : are to be done in a REGULAR TAG FORMAT with DQ ON fashion. Unless stated otherwise. Please stay in your corner unless stopping a pin or sub.

6. Winning by Submission - you are allowed to win off of a sub finisher the anytime you successfully hit one, but submission sigs and other normal submission moves you CANNOT WIN off of however after hitting at least one finisher you are able to make someone tap using a submission signature.

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Match Rules
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